Streiff Studio

Our Vision

At Streiff Studio, we seek to create games that will immerse players within the worlds and stories contained within. We believe that games should be both fun and emotionally evocative, and strive to deliver experiences that are nothing short of memorable.

Ann-Louise Jonsson

CEO & 3D Artist

Streiff Studio

Ann-Louise's passions have always been animals, nature, and gaming. Having worked professionally with the first two extensively, she now seeks to bring them to life in games.

Marcus Wallgren

Sound Designer

Streiff Studio

Marcus is a musician and composer at heart and has written several pieces for a diverse range of ensembles. More recently he has combined his love for the auditory medium with visual storytelling by switching his focus to sound design and composing for games.

The Team

Henrik Kanbjer

Game Writer

Streiff Studio

Henrik has been a storyteller for almost 30 years. Leading co-narrative tabletop games, exercises and writing from a young age.

Joel Wennerholm

2D & Concept Artist

Streiff Studio

Coming from a background in the arts, Joel delved into flame and forge to develop a thriving business as a blacksmith. With a keen love of history, he fashions artwork with an eye to realism even in the most fantastical of settings.

Nathaniel McAfee

Community & Marketing

Streiff Studio

A marketer with a keen interest in the dialogue that good stories can bring about, Nathaniel looks to build a community around projects that people feel passion for.

Available Positions

Streiff Studio is looking for an experienced, freelancing, 3D animator for an unannounced title. But let's just say it involves at least one horse!Essential:
- Skilled 3D animator, preferably one specialised in creature animation.
- Able to rig what you animate.
- Experience of working in Unreal 4 and/or 5
The studio uses Blender for our assets, and while it is good if you do the same it is not necessary as long as you can work with what we have.
- Passion for creature locomotion, horses specifically
- A good eye for stylized animation and cinematography
Streiff Studio is a small indie studio situated in Jörn, Västerbotten, Sweden. The position in this case is a remote one.
Send your application and questions to

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